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Scientific trends
Aircraft metallic materials
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Material corrosion resistance and anticorrosion protection methods for structures

Scientific trends


  • Cast heat-resistant alloys and coatings for GTE single-crystal blades with the transpiration cooling.
  • High-temperature heat-resistant and intermetallic materials for GTE hot section parts.
  • Advanced technological processes for production and processing of aviation metallic materials.
  • High-strength corrosion-resistant steels and metallic instrumental materials.
  • High-strength, heat- and corrosion-resistant Aluminium and Magnesium alloys; composite materials on their basis.
  • Anti-corrosive protection of materials and structures.
  • High-strength, heat-resistant and intermetallic Titanium alloys.
  • Structural and decorative-finishing thermoplastic materials.
  • Present-day methods, means and technologies of non-destructive control.
  • High-strength and high-modules polymer composite materials (carbon- and organoplastics) for aircraft structures operating within the wide temperature range.
  • Structural, radiotransparent and radioabsorbing glass fiber reinforced plastics (GFRPs) and coatings for the airframe and engine. Advanced technological processes for the production and processing of polymer composite materials.
  • Binders for structural polymer and painting composite materials, adhesives, sealants, high-thermoprotective, heat- and sound-insulating materials and special liquids.
  • High-temperature protective and antioxidation coatings along with carbon- and glass-ceramic materials for the operation at the temperature over 1300°С.
  • Structural and heat-resistant adhesives, adhesive prepregs, sealants and rubber.
  • Painting, thermoprotective, sound- and heat-insulating materials.
  • Passportization and certification of aviation materials.


Twelve scientific schools in various scientific trends function in “VIAM” FSUE, RF SRC. All these schools are internationally recognized in the field of materials science:

  • casting of single-crystal  turbine blades with the fundamentally new transpiration cooling (grant);
  • high-gradient directional solidification method for the production of GTE blades;
  • physics of metals and heat-resistant alloys;
  • high-strength Aluminium alloys;
  • Titanium alloys;
  • aircraft steels;
  • metallurgy of aircraft steels and heat-resistant alloys;
  • deformation treatment of metallic materials;
  • composite materials;
  • polymer materials;
  • structural strength and operational capability of aircraft materials;
  • high-temperature glass ceramic materials
The two first scientific schools (00-15-99084 and NSh-1571-203.8) have the grant of the RF President as the leading scientific schools in Russia. The head of these schools is E.N.Kablov, Academician, Professor.

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