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Aircraft metallic materials >> Casting Superalloys for GTE Blades >> Advanced vacuum melting and pouring units for the alloy melting and blade casting

Advanced vacuum melting and pouring units for the alloy melting and blade casting

In order to realize the advanced technological processes VIAM has designed and produces vacuum melting and pouring units with the principally new heat assemblies, meeting the requirements of the present-day technological processes and equipped by computer control systems.

VIAM-2002 experimental and commercial vacuum melting and pouring unit with the crucible capacity to 20 kg, designed for the development of metallurgical melting processes of new superalloys is equipped by sampling and melt filtration systems, it ensures the ultrahigh vacuum with the minimum air penetration which allows to produce superhigh-purity alloys with the stable chemical composition and the limited alloying range.

VIAM-2002 vacuum melting andpouring induction unit

UVRK-1 vacuum melting and pouring induction unit for the equiaxial casting of turbine blades, nozzle assembly blocks, jet nozzle flaps and other parts of GTE hot section. The unit is equipped by an induction assembly for shell heating at the temperatures to 1250-1300°C, which allows to produce castings with the high density.

Установка УВРК-1 для равноосного литья лопаток

The below-mentioned units are used for the commercial production of blades with the directional and single-crystal structures under the temperature gradient conditions (G≤100 deg/cm):

UVNK-9A unit - for casting the blades with the size to 300 mm;
UVNK-14 unit - for casting the large-size (to 650 mm) blades of power-generation and gas-feeding plants.

UVNK-9A unit

UVNK-14 unit

UVNK-9A units have been successfully introduced into engine-building factories in Rybinsk, Ufa and Moscow.

UVNS-5 experimental and commercial unit for the high-gradient casting (G=200-220 deg/cm) of GTE blades (to 300 mm). The unit is equipped by the special thermo-insulating movable shields, closely joining the ceramic shell during the solidification process.

UVNS-5 unit

VIAM determined and established the production relations with the co-executors and suppliers of structural parts, assemblies and materials, necessary for the production of UVNK-9A, UVNK-14 and UVNS-5 units.

The alloy compositions, technological processes and equipment are protected by Patents of the Russian Federation, some of the Patents are supported in USA, England, Germany, Canada and other countries. In the field of materials, technologies and equipment, used for the blade casting VIAM carries out the scientific and technical cooperation with the following foreign companies: General Electric, Houmet, Kind Collins (USA); Snecma (France); ALD, MTU (Germany); Avia (Italy); Chromalloy (Holland); Midhani, HAL (India), Beijing Institute of Aviation materials, Dunan Harbin company (China).

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